Dive sites of the Firth of Clyde and surrounding sea lochs

St. Catherines North - Loch Fyne

Parking at St Catherines North and view of spur road. Access to the beach and view of the point.

Impression of St Catherines North dive site.


Take the local shore road 2 miles south of St. Catherines, the site is approximately 50m down the single track road as it meets the old shore road.

Local map and How to get there.
Google Street View of the parking spot.

Parking and Access

You can park on the spur of the old shore road heading North, this can be muddy and there is a risk of getting blocked in if it is busy, an alternatively is to park at the top of the hill just off the main road where there is more space and it is cleaner for getting changed. Access to the shore is via a short path running off the spur that takes you onto the beach just south of the remnants of a stone jetty.


This dive site is similar in nature to St. Catherines Bottle Bank and comprises a mound of boulders on an otherwise featureless sandy slope. The reef starts at about 5m and fades away into the mud at around 35m. Again this is another site with an armoured cable draped over the reef at about 20m, I'm assuming its the same one to be found at Gortein and just of Lephinmore dive sites. To find the reef enter just north of the stone jetty and descend to 10m and head up the loch, the boulders appear after a few minutes. The reefs southern edge slowly descends to about 25m where it rises up a little before continuing its descent down to 35m. The orientation of this site can be confusing and a shore bearing my take you off the site when leaving the bottom.

Conditions and Tides

There is not much tide to speak of here. There can be a lot of fresh water at the surface during the winter which can affect the visibility and drop the temperature near the surface.

Look out for


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